J W Tree Care

& Powerwashing

Tree prunning

Each tree will be individually considered in relation to the shape, size, character, condition, site and species of tree. All operations will be completed leaving each tree in an acceptable, well-balanced and safe condition. Each branch will be removed using the ABC cut method where risk of tearing is reduced.

All final cuts will be made at the branch collar, with the branch collar remaining intact. Under no circumstances will any flush cuts be made.

Crown reduction


Crown reduction should not be used to reduce the chances of the tree blowing over in a storm. Crown Thinning is the preferred method to minimize storm damage of an otherwise structurally sound tree.


Crown reduction can be considered when the root system of a large maturing tree has substantial decay making it potentially hazardous or on a tree with a high rating.

The objective is to make cuts so that the foliage is left intact on the outer edge of the new, smaller canopy ideally, pruning cuts should not be evident when you stand back from the tree after pruning.

Apple Trees Removed

2 Apple Trees required removing from a customers garden

During - the process requires the branches to be removed first

Final process - the trees were cut down to a stump gradually and the stump removed to a base

The tree was cut into logs for recycling purposes


Tree Pruning - Before & After

Before - the tree needs pruning and thinning out as it is overgrown

After - the tree has been cut back

Tree Removal - Before & After

Tree Removal in Melton Mowbray - February 2018

Before - the trees were a little high and overpowering

We trimmed the branches first

Reducing the branches a liitle at a time for safety

Cutting the tree into sections

Reducing the trees bit by bit

Cutting back the trees 

The trees cut back to small stumps, these can be ground further if necessary.

All waste removed and cleared

The wood will be recycled


Section felling will be used in situations where there is a risk of damage occurring to any property or harm to the public.

The work consists of the entire removal of the tree, in sections.

If a delay between felling and stump removal is to occur, the stump will be left at a minimum height of 1.5 metres.


The straight fell of trees is the removal of trees as a single unit. Straight felling will be limited to such situations that pose no risk of damage to any property or persons whatsoever.

Our team can customize planting needs to suit your requirements. This applies to young and adult trees.

The first step is deciding where to position the plant; this is known as marking or setting out.

Once an appropriate site is located we can then excavate the planting pit or pits. We will then place the tree into its hole and fill it with a suitable composition.


First we trimmed the tree gradually, removing all the branches

Carefully cutting the tree down

The logs from the tree can be used as stepping stones in the garden, or chopped into smaller logs for a log burner.


Silver Birch with overgrown and spindly branches



Branches cut and trimmed for better growth

Stump removal


Stump removal consists of the complete removal of the stump and any lateral roots of the tree and may be undertaken either using hand tools or a machine (stump grinder)

Stump grinding involves the removal of stump to a specified depth, generally between 150m and 300m. Upon completion of stump removal, the remaining hole will be back-filled with soil or grinding waste to leave a level surface.

Hedge trimming


Hedge trimming is an art. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler.

We always achieve to desired effect and will work with you to produce the result you want from your hedgerow.



Tree Removal


The customer wanted to have the trees removed in the corner of the garden.


The trees were gradually trimmed down, removing the branches


The tree was chopped down in sections

The stumps will gradually rot



Tree in the background needed tidying up and removal of spindly branches

Pruned the foreground trees

Pruned the foreground trees

Copper Birch

Copper Birch in need of pruning



Remove Large Tree

Cherry Tree Removal


The customer wanted the cherry tree removing for four reasons:

1. The cherry tree was overgrown.

2.  The owner of the property needed access to the garage.

3.  More natural light to reach the windows at the rear of the property.

4.  Worried if there was a storm, would it hit the house or family member.


Removal of the lower branches first to thin it down and make it more accessible to access the upper branches and trunk of the tree

During - the tree is now down to its lower trunk

Finished - nearly down, the cherry tree is down to a small trunk, which will be chopped to the lowest point and will eventually just rot naturally.