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Emergency Call Outs


Call 0800 1910 250 or 07787 218581

Tree's often fall without any warning. This can be due to storms & high winds, or
as a result of neglect, or simply as an act of nature. Our team of expert tree 
surgeons are here to respond to these emergencies.

A small tree was brought down by high winds, luckily no-one was hurt.

The tree had to be removed for safety reasons.

J W Tree Care & Power Washing


JW Tree Care & Power Washing is a name you can trust with the experience to get the job done and, in a professional manner.


Our highly experienced teams have a great understanding of arboriculture and know what it takes to achieve top quality results.


Each and every job is assessed individually, providing tree care quotes based on your requirements.


Our company is trusted and reliable.


Your trees are in safe hands.



About us

J W Tree Care & Power Washing

We are extremely professional in our work ethic and have a great deal of experience in all aspects of tree care and garden maintenance.

We offer the highest standard of tree felling and tree care services. 

 We always ensure your site is left as tidy as possible and take great care to cause minimal disruption to your property, its surroundings and the environment.

Our prices are reasonable and we aim to ensure we do any work efficiently.

Removal of a small bush from the front of the property

Although the bush itself was neatly trimmed, the owners wanted it removing.

The bush was cut back to the stumps, which have been treated and will disintegrate gradually


Trees - Before & After

Tree in need of trimming and pruning

Overgrown branches which need thinning out

After Trimming and pruning

Cherry Trees

We deal with all types of trees

BEFORE - Cherry Tree in need of some TLC

AFTER - We topped, pruned and re-shaped the Cherry Tree

Taking good care of the Cherry tree will promote healthy growth next year.

If you need your trees topping, pruning or re-shaping, or would like a FREE QUOTE call John and his team on 0800 1910 250


Tree Trimming



Today’s work for a client in Glenfield - looks better after a nice little trim


Hedge trim


BEFORE - The Hedge is overgrown and untidy

AFTER - the hedgerow is now trimmed and tidy


Tree Removal (Small Or Large )

Tree Pruning

Tree Crowning

Tree Felling 

Tree Topping


Stump Removal/ Stump Grinding 

​Stump Poisoning

Hedges Trimmed, Thinned & Removed

Hedges re-shaped

Insect & Disease Control

Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed, Thinned & Removed



Artificial Grass


Wood Bark


Power Washing

Driveways, Patios, Paths, Decking, Walls etc.

Roof Cleaning etc.

Sanding & Sealing also available


Guttering - cleaning & repair



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Hedge trimming is an art. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler.

We always achieve to desired effect and will work with you to produce the result you want from your hedgerow.





A conifer hedge was planted at some point to border and divide two properties.

It grows quickly and can soon get out of hand if left for too long and will block out the light if it is positioned near windows, which in this case it was blocking the light through windows on both sides of the properties.

We took off the top branches and leveled the top of the hedgerow.

We also pruned and trimmed the sides of the conifers for an even smoother hedgerow.

Finished - you can already see the benefits and both neighbours have the natural light entering their windows and a better view of their gardens.


Fir tree (xmas tree), customer request for the removal of the tree.

The tree was cut gradually, right down to the base at ground level.

The base and its roots will naturally rot.


Prunus tree pollarded..

Pollarding tends to make trees live longer by maintaining them in a partially
juvenile state and by reducing the weight and windage of the top part of the



Free quotation please call 

Free phone:  0800 1910 250

Direct:  07787 218581

Thanks John and the team


The Name to Trust

J.W. Tree care and Power Washing provide all aspects of Tree Surgery.

Free Quotation With NO Obligation


Bush and Hedgerow Pruning

Before - the bush had grown so big it was blocking the light in the living room

After - once trimmed to a reasonable height the living room was exposed to more daylight


Conifer - Topping


The customer was worried about the height of his conifers.


We topped the conifer trees, bringing them down to a more manageable size for the customer.

By reducing the size of the conifers it also allowed more daylight to enter the window.

Benefits of our Services

We aim to outperform our competition by providing you with a quality of service that you are unable to find elsewhere.

  • Fair Prices and Offers
  • Free Quotations
  • No Hidden Charges
  • A Reliable Service
  • All Waste Removed
  • Recyclable garden waste



Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Services
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • A Family Run Business
  • Fair Prices for Work
  • All Seasons
  • Professional
  • Call Out Service
  • Tree removal - recyclable materials




Client Feedback

" Great, Quick, Tree reduction service "   

" At last my drive is clean and bacK to its original state, thanks to J W Tree Care "


Hedge trimming 2

It doesn't take long for a hedgerow to get out of hand!


Over grown hedge



Nice even level hedge


Tree Removal

Do you have trees that are blocking your view or sunlight ?

Call us on:


0800 1910 250



Tree Trim & Shape


Tree trimming in session

Finished - tree trimmed and shaped