J W Tree Care

& Powerwashing

Block Paving Washing

JW Treecare and Power Washing provides a professional jet washing service, and at an affordable price. 

We specialise in the pressure cleaning of all hard surfaces in the residential and commercial markets, which includes a deep block paving clean to freshen up your property.


Unattractive grey looking block pave driveway and path with dirt, debris and algae growing in between the blocks


Cleaning the block pave driveway has brought out the colour, cleaned the dirt, debris and algae off.  What a difference!


We also provide a sanding service, when required.

Sanding is a vital service that we provide in order to keep your block paving drive well maintained.

It not only resists weeds, but also prevents unnecessary movement in the individual blocks themselves, which may create gaps under certain circumstances that could be a hazard to both people and vehicles driving over your surface.

First we clean the driveway, removing all the dirt, debris, algae etc.

We will always ensure that your block paving driveway is dried properly  before we undertake this service.

When the driveway has been cleaned and prepared it is ready for the next stage.

We brush the kiln dried sand over the blocks so that it settles in between the joints.  It is a top-up re-sand process.  This process allows the sand to provide the necessary friction between the blocks to keeps the blocks stable and allow for the weight of the vehicles.

Any excess sand is brushed away.

Any little excess sand will be dispersed by the weather and the vehicles driving over the block pave.

Re-sanding really makes an impact on the driveway's overall appearance as well as the essential function it allows.

Please call us for more information.



We also provide a sealing service, if required.

Once we have jet washed the surfaces of your property, we'd highly recommend that you take advantage of our sealing service.

Whether it's your driveway, your patio or your paths that we have washed, sealing those surfaces will ensure they stay looking new for longer.

Quickly applied, we will have your paving, concrete and other surfaces sealed up and ready to walk on in a matter of hours.

Tarmacadam Washing

Once again, like any outdoor surface the dirt and debris etc. will collect over time.

Moss can be a particularly nasty sight on a tarmacadam drive, but with our highly precision pressure washing service, you needn't worry.

Our team of highly trained specialists can blast, scrape and treat moss buildup on your tarmacadam driveway so that it looks as good as new.


First of all, we remove any loose debris and/or surface moss.

Then we use our top of the line rotary washing equipment, in order to minimise the buildup of dirt over time. This is often mixed with a spray designed to increase the potency of the clean.

We then check for any underlying marks, and if any staining is found, we spot clean the affected areas, leaving the driveway as good as new.

We here at J W Tree Care are always careful to clean up after ourselves to ensure that the area surrounding your driveway is the same as we found it.

Block Pave, step, path & patio area 

Before Cleaning - dirt, debris, moss and weed growth is spoiling the appearance of the block paving

After cleaning - all traces of dirt, grime and moss and weed growth have now been eliminated giving the area a much improved appearance


Cleaning paving slabs and block pave edgings.


The whole of the pathway was covered in grime and debris.


Starting the cleaning process


Once the grime and debris have been removed the paving slabs look so much better, you can see the natural colour of the paving slabs and also the block pave edgings.


Patio Area & Path covered in dirt, debris and weed growth.


All the dirt, debris has been removed to see the natural colouring of the block paving and paving slabs.

Before & After

Block Pave Driveway, which extends to the front door and pathway in need of cleaning


The block pave has, over time, gathered a collection of dirt, debris, moss and algae growth. Apart from looking dull and unattractive, you can barely see the design in the middle of the driveway.


The first stage in cleaning - using the jet wash to clean all the grime etc. off the block pave drive


Finished - after cleaning you can now see that there is a contrasting block pave edging and the design in the middle of the block paving is now highlighted.


Benefits of Power Washing

  • Efficient High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Economical
  • Removal of all dirt, debris, moss and weed growth
  • Improved overall appearance
  • A Quality Result Every Time


Roof Cleaning

JK Tree Care and Power Washing can also provide this esteemed service to domestic roofing as well as driveways. We are always careful to take the necessary precautions before doing so. Cleaning your roof can save you from moss buildup, as well as a lot of money from repair fees in the future.

Cleaning the roof


Just starting the cleaning process.

The roof is covered with dirt, debris and algae

Below the roof looks really clean without the build up of the dirt, debris, algae and moss growth.

You can really see the difference it makes.